Thoughts During the Last Month of the Semester

The semester is approaching its end, Falcons! With just three weeks of classes left (yes, you read that right), here are some thoughts that we all share…


How did I fit all the crap in my dorm room into my car for move-in day…?

Did my glutes actually get toned from all the stairs I climbed?

How can I make my own version of a Jimmy Carter this summer???

Some schools make you return your laptop for the summer?! I would die.

Shoot. Gotta get a summer gym membership.

Is the line at my local bagel shop as long as Einstein’s? I honestly can’t remember.

How will I fall asleep at night without my roommates tucking me in???

So glad I don’t have to fight for a parking spot at my own house.

What are the chances that I remember where my ID is once I get home for the summer?

I can’t wait to eat non-Sodexo food!!!

Will my friends from home be weirded out if I send them outlook invites to make plans?





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