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Tasty Videos To Watch Right Now

It’s 10 P.M. and you have a paper due for your 8 A.M. that you’ve only just begun. So, what do you do?  

Watch Tasty videos for an obscene amount of time, obviously. Whether you’re a fan of the grilled, the baked, the chilled or the fried, Tasty probably has put out a slew of its famous videos that have made you drool at one point or another. Sophomore Starr Coughlin and freshman Ciara Mann compiled their top picks— check them out, try them out, and then let us know which ones you like the most!

Quick and Easy Tomato and Avocado Melt:

Mozzarella Stick Waffles: 

Healthy Chickpea And Black Bean Salad 

Bacon Guacamole Chicken Bombs

Gooey Brie Baked In Phyllo Dough

Hashbrown Breakfast Cups


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