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#SleepRevolution Comes to HC Bentley

You know when you recieve those emails from the Bentley mail stop that just make your day? Well, on the last full day of seniors being on campus, we recieved one of our favorites packages related to HC Bentley we’ve ever had sent to us! Courtesy of Ms. Arianna Huffington – yes, like the genius behind the Huffington Post – we will be able to experience just what all the hype about her “Sleep Revolution” is all about. 

The sleep kit was jam packed with some of the best products for inducing healthy, deep sleep:

  • Healthy Nights Aloe Infused Satin Sheets 
  • Truce Toxin-Free Pillow Spray in Lavender & Citrus
  • GreenAir Portable Essential Oil Diffuser
  • Tazo Calm Chamomile Tea
  • Little Floweer Grapefruit Bath Salts
  • Meyer’s Clean Day Lavendar Dryer Sheets
  • Woodstock Sweetened Cherries



With finals finally wrapped up and just a few weeks before most internships and/or jobs start for seniors, sleep is exactly what we want and more importantly, what we need. (Especially if you’re a senior like myself and you just got back from the Bahamas trip) and we’re so thankful to HerCampus.com and Arianna Huffington for hooking it up! We can’t wait to sit back with a cup of Tazo Tea, with our new aloe infused sheets and dive into our Sleep Revolution book…because reading is just so much better when it’s not a GB textbook. Or, when you’re on a beach, should you be so lucky. 

Thank you so much again to Arianna Huffington, Her Campus, and to all of the outstanding companies involved – we can’t wait to catch some Z’s!

Bentley senior majoring in Information Design & Corporate Communications with a minor in Entrepreneurial Studies. Chapter President for HCB. Third Door Media intern. Karate aficionado. Shonda Rhimes super fan.
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