Quarantine Safe Ways to Socialize While Living on the Bentley Campus

Even with all the positive ways the quarantine has affected us, the limitations put on college students because of the pandemic are extreme. They have made it hard for college students to hang out with friends, especially those who are living on campus. Of course, we are aware that the pandemic is nobody’s fault, and we each must do our part to keep it under control. It still should not mean that everything that college life stands for and the opportunity to make lifelong friends should suffer.

Whether you are a new student looking to make friends or simply want to go out and have fun with the friends you already have, the restrictions placed on students because of the pandemic can make that difficult. To help you out, here are some places on the Bentley campus where you can make new friends, spend time with them, and have fun while staying safe during the pandemic. 


Green Space

The Green Space on the Bentley campus is a huge, open area of green. The uses of this gorgeous quad on campus are endless. You can enjoy the space alone or with a few friends while keeping a distance.

During the warmer weather, the Green Space is perfect for a picnic, a game of spike ball, or even studying. Grab a blanket, some food from the 921, and your friends and head down. This is a perfect way to enjoy the nice weather along with some food. If you do not want to just sit and are looking for something a little more active, play a game of spike ball with some friends from your hall. When on the Green Space, invite people you do not know to join you. It is a great way to get to know new people. Otherwise, if you want to spend your time studying, bring your study group outside. Instead of studying in the same places you always do like your dorm or the library, get your group to come out onto the Green Space with you. You may even find students from your classes outside and ask them to join your study sesh!

The fun does not stop when the weather gets cold. If we must endure pandemic guidelines during the spring semester too, there are still many ways we can utilize this space. The endless snowball fights you can have with your friends will also allow you to make new friends and have fun.


Harvard Square

While many activities on campus are limited or canceled, the shuttle to Harvard Square may be the most important thing that is still operating. Although most ways to have fun on the actual Bentley campus are not possible at this point, Harvard Square is very much open. 

There are no limits to what you and your friends can do in Harvard Square. From grabbing a bite to eat to taking a yoga class, Harvard Square is filled with quarantine safe ways to have fun with your friends. Going on a mini adventure there is also a great way to get to know your new friends better, whether they are your new roommate, new classmates, or just someone down the hall from you. Invite them to head to Harvard Square with you. Just make sure to wear your face masks and keep a distance.

Of course, the most important way to ensure that the campus actually remains open until Thanksgiving is to be safe. Make sure you are wearing a face covering and try to also keep a six foot distance from each other. Us Bentley students want to be able to get the most out of the campus that we can this fall, so please do your part in sticking to pandemic guidelines, and hopefully we will not have to worry about any of it after this semester!