The O-Team – Margarita Belaya

Margarita Belaya is a junior this year and is majoring in Accounting with a minor in Computer Information Systems. She is very involved on campus and works as an arena supervisor and an events staff lead. She was also very involved with orientation and was a Student Coordinator (Stuco) this summer.

Let’s Talk Orientation

HC: What’s your favorite thing about being a student coordinator?

MB: Having an orientation family with 18 OLs and seeing orientation leaders thrive in their positions.


HC: What was different about running orientation as a student coordinator versus being an orientation leader?

MB: I didn’t have a group of baby falcs to guide through the beginning of their Bentley journey.


HC: Did you enjoy being a Stuco or an orientation leader more?

MB: Stuco


HC: Favorite thing you did this summer?

MB: Went to Hale Adventure Course with the orientation team!

HC: Who is your favorite person on the O-Team?

MB: Gabby Casalino


Margarita Fun Facts


HC: Favorite late night snack?

MB: Strawberries

HC: What do you like doing in your free time?

MB: Going to the gym