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North Campus: the Cinderella of Bentley’s Dorms

Okay, let’s be real. We all know that North Campus apartments are like the Cinderella of the dorm world. They seem like a super unattractive step-sister until you reallllly get to know them. After a whole year of living on North, I’ll tell you five reasons why it’s my fave place to live.


1. The rooms are so nice and the kitchens are banging

Not gonna lie, I literally love how spacious the rooms are. The shared living room is big enough to have a pretty decent sized party in it or to have your friends over to watch Netflix with you. The rooms themselves are soooo nice, and have private bathrooms and pretty good sized closets. The kitchens also have a microwave, stove, and full fridge so you can be Gordon Ramsey from the comfort of your PJs.

2. There’s a freakin’ gym up here

Added last year, North now has a gym that only North residents can swipe into. It has ellipticals, treadmills, etc. and it’s really easy to get to so you don’t have to take a long trip just to get your exercise in.

3. There’s a printer!!!!

North just got its own printer in one of the buildings, so you can go ahead and print all of your stuff before class starts. It’s not even a one minute walk no matter which building you’re in, so it’s really convenient to get to.

4. The campus loop runs here

Although a lot of residents do drive cars back and forth between class and the dorm, the campus loop DOES run here so even you’re carless you still can enjoy it up here. The shuttle is pretty regular and consistent and drops you off by LaCava so it’s a quick walk to class from there.

5. There’s a quad with grills and ALWAYS PARKING!!!!!!

Although other dorms on campus do have cute views, my fave by far is the one on North. There’s a cute quad in the middle of the buildings with tons of grass and also charcoal grills that you can use whenever. Sometimes RAs host BBQs up here too!! It’s perfect for a game of Ultimate or to just hang out and relax. But the best part by far is the fact that there’s ALWAYS parking here. Even when there’s 10 ft snowbanks in the winter, I still have never had a problem getting a parking space. No matter if you come in during the day or night, you’ll pretty much be guaranteed a place to park. Also, fun perk of North: with the North parking sticker, you can park in any residential OR commuter parking lot on campus so you’ll always have tons of close parking options.

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