Lessons from Leslie Knope to Empower You Through Finals

Finals are, to say the least, an overwhelming time of the semester that meets us all with stress and exhaustion. It’s easy to feel completely swept up in looming papers, foreboding finals, and the seeming impossibility of efficiently managing your time—but with the right attitude, you can and will get through this. Who better to coach us through this emotionally taxing time than the powerhouse of Pawnee herself? Read on to see why Leslie Knope will be our role model throughout these next couple weeks of finals…


She stood her ground and was never afraid to be her most exuberant self.

Sometimes it’s okay to cause a cathartic, dramatic scene while finally leaving the library...


She spoke highly about herself and others, and spread positive energy.

It’s important to speak to your friends and yourself like the powerful girl bosses you are.


She was always ready to put in the work in accomplishing her goals.

Well, maybe you should get your eight hours of sleep in, but with a little elbow grease you’ll ace the forthcoming finals.


She knew her worth, and radiated self-esteem

…as should you, because you’re also a goddess, a glorious female warrior.


She’s a pro at getting amped up in preparation for what lies ahead.

You know you can rise to the challenge.

She was able to relish in the forthcoming victories, and saw the positive results in every obstacle.

Once this is all said in done, you’ll feel invincible and ready to take on the summer with finals behind you.




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