iPhone 7 Release

This past Friday, Apple released their latest addition of the iPhone 7. There was much speculation about what would be coming out. Some thought it could have been an update to the iPhone SE, or some other type of update to another model. But in the end, Apple announced that the iPhone will now be available in the color red.

When I first heard about this “big release,” I was quite skeptical about why this needed to be such a big deal. I wondered why it couldn’t just be put off until the next major iPhone release, which typically falls in September. That was before I found out that this isn't just a normal red iPhone-- the product is part of the partnership that Apple has with the non-profit (RED) that supports HIV/AIDS programs.

So, if you have an extra $749 laying around and are available for an upgrade, why not get an iPhone that can help save people’s lives?


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