Hot Mama's Kitchen (Her Campus Edition)

Cooking can be hard. Cooking in college? Even harder. Between the time constraints and the ever-looming doom of setting off the fire alarms, making dinner turns into a commonly dreaded process. But luckily for you, this weekly blog full of fine, fresh, and fancy eats is coming to the rescue.

Back in our freshman year days, my roommates and I stepped up to the challenge to become foodstagrammers, and that’s when @hotmamaskitchen_ was born. Through the process, we have provided our social media population (of roughly 389 followers) with delicious and creative food ideas. After two long years of Seasons (now known as the 921), my roommates and I have finally made it. We have conquered Orchard North, which means that these hot mamas now have their very own kitchen!

This week we have a divine meal made by chef Sydney MacLeod.


  • Teriyaki tofu (marinate the tofu in teriyaki for approximately 20 minutes and then fry those babies in yummy olive oil)
  • Spinach
  • Steamed edamame beans
  • Bean sprouts
  • Salt roasted sesame seeds

Tune in weekly to read about what my roomies and I have been #cheffin, and follow @hotmamaskitchen_ on the 'gram for more frequent updates.