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Hey guys, I’m taking a break from my normal series to offer some advice on how to get your crush’s attention this Spring Day! Spring Day is just around the corner, which means plenty of time to strike up a convo with that special someone. Here are some tips to flirt on this legendary day.

Tip 1:  Invite them to do a Spring Day activity with you. From what I’ve heard, there will be plenty of activities—like inflatables—that you can do with friends, which means you can invite your crush to do it with you!

Tip 2: Go to the concert with them. A cute first date idea is going to the concert and jamming out to the music together—which is also a chance to show off your killer dance moves. And if you are too nervous to talk, you won’t have to because of how loud the music is. If you do want to talk, though, ask them if they like the Spring Day artist and start a conversation from there.

Tip 3: Go to a food truck together. The long line will give you plenty of time to get to know each other. If you don’t have some of their contact information, this is the perfect time to get it so you can keep in contact after Spring Day.

Tip 4: Take pictures with them! Everyone takes pictures all day, so this could be a really low-key way to document the moment. If you really want to get their number, make sure you take the picture on their phone so they have to text you…which also means you’ll get the number you’ve been waiting for! ;)






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