Feelings of Add/Drop

It’s that time again where registration is wrapping up—leaving most of us stuck with a couple of classes that we definitely did not want. Whether it’s an inconvenient time or a bad professor, we’ve reached the point where we all have to constantly watch the add/drop list and pray for the classes we want. Here some gifs to help us get through this terrible time…



Getting the email saying that add/drop is officially open


Staring at the letters “CL” near the class you wanted


Tying to will a spot open for the class you want


Going through the first day of add/drop, and the class you wanted not opening


Opening up MyBentley and finally seeing that one open spot…


…and not being able to truly believe that you can get into that class


Looking around to see if someone is watching, with the power to possibly take that class away from you


Hysterically looking for the CRN code and praying that you can join the class


Pressing “submit,” and realizing that you are registered into too many classes, or are already registered for a class at the time


Frantically going back to your schedule, trying to switch around your classes to add the new one


Seeing that while you were searching for the CRN code, someone else took the class


Considering giving up and taking only one class next semester


Seeing a spot open again


Pressing “submit” and celebrating because you finally got the class you wanted


Looking back at add/drop and seeing that another class you wanted has one spot open…




All images courtsey of giphy.com