The End of the Spring Semester, told in GIFs

The last lingering days of the semester are upon us, Falcons! With the impending Spring Day, looming finals, and warm weather finally creeping into New England, we’re in for a rollercoaster of emotions as we bid Spring 2018 adieu...


When your senioritis is in full-force and you can’t even feign enthusiasm about class

When the weather is still brisk but you try to think about the warmer days that lie ahead

When the first day of warm weather rolls around and spring is finally in the air

Trying to get up for an 8 AM during the last full week of classes

Spring Day.

When the weather is magnificent and you would rather be anywhere but class

Ignoring texts from rude boys trying to hit you up at the end of the semester…

When you and your roomie try to comfort each other as you tackle end-of-the-semester finals, papers, and presentations

Should I go out this Friday or stay in and study? Decisions, decisions…

Reading. Day.

Triumphantly crushing your finals

Realizing you won’t see your Bentley BFFs 24/7

Saying goodbye to the semester like




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