6 Nice Weather Activities to Appreciate Earth Day with a Digital Detox

After a long, cold Winter, April is finally here and what better way to celebrate the month of Earth Day than to get outside?! Whether you prefer the beach or the mountains, the sunrise or the sunset, there are so many beautiful things to appreciate in nature. It is so important for your mental and physical health to get outside and soak up the sun (and I’m sure I’m not the only one in desperate need of a digital detox right about now). Fight that Zoom-fatigue and ditch the screens for some extra vitamin D!

Need some ideas? Here are 6 activities to do in the warmer weather!

1. Have a Picnic​

Whether you pack a basket or order take-out, having an outdoor picnic is a great way to enjoy the nicer weather. Simply bring a blanket, maybe a polaroid or film camera, a few friends, and of course something to snack on! Recently, a few of my friends ordered a pizza and did this on the greenspace outside the library and it was so fun!

2. Work/Read Outside

Have a few assignments piling up or a book you’ve been meaning to read but can’t seem to find the motivation to just do it? Bring your work outside! I find that working at a comfortable spot outside is a nice change of scenery from my desk. If you have computer work to accomplish, find a table with an umbrella for optimal shade. Sit on a bench and bring a good book to read or even lay out on the grass with a blanket to catch up on some homework with friends - that way you can get outside while getting your work done!

3. Chase the Sunset/Go on a Sunrise Drive

One of my all-time favorite things I appreciate about our Earth is its gorgeous sunsets and sunrises! If you are anything like me, you’ll find that simply admiring the sky’s peachy hues decreases stress and helps put things in your life into perspective. Practice an attitude of gratitude while enjoying nature’s beauty by chasing the sunset or waking up for an early morning sunrise drive. 

4. Try Out a New Ice Cream Shop

When I think of warm weather, the next thing my mind immediately thinks of is ice cream!! This spring/summer season, get outside more by walking to your favorite ice cream shop in town or trying a new one. My favorite places near Bentley’s campus to go to are Lizzy’s Homemade Ice Cream, the Scoop N’ Scootery, and Racantore’s Ice Cream and Yogurt. 

5. Take a Day Trip to a City or Beach

Seeking a change of pace or a mini-stay cation? Celebrate Earth Day by exploring a city near you or going to the beach for the day! Whether you prefer the streets or the sand, if you are looking to change up your weekend routine, or if you are just taking a day trip somewhere, this is a fun way to get outside! For instance, this past Saturday, a few friends and I went into Boston and walked around the North End together to enjoy the extra sunshine and nice weather.

6. Go on a Hike

Hiking has always been one of my favorite outdoor activities - the fresh air, the nature, and even the rewarding leg muscle fatigue (lol). I find that hiking is a sure-fire cure to clearing my mind since it encourages me to be present in the moment and appreciate nature. If you are looking to relieve stress and get some exercise into your day, I highly recommend taking a hike!