5 Emotions Every Bentley Student has at Einstein’s, as Told by “Gossip Girl”

College students are notorious for being obsessed with coffees, lattes, and teas—and Bentley students are no exception. It takes a lot of energy to power through an 8 AM lecture, a difficult GB class, or especially a night bomb—and caffeine is a common way to combat this. Fortunately, for Bentley students, the library’s Deloitte Café features Einstein Bros. Bagels: the perfect place to pick up a coffee or snack in-between classes. With such popularity, it’s no coincidence that most Bentley students can understand some of the minor struggles that occur when making a stop at this on-campus-eatery. Here are the five emotions every Bentley student has felt while visiting Einstein’s.


1.)  When you’re dying for a coffee after your 9:30 class, but then remember everyone else is too. Let the huge line begin!


2.)  When class lets out 5 minutes early, so you get to avoid the masses of students fresh out of their classes


3.)  When the espresso machine is down


4.)  When you’re running a little late and have to skip your pre-class latte, because there’s no way you’ll make it on time


5.)  The rare instances when the perfect high table opens up, just after you’ve picked up your order




All gifs courtesy of giphy.com