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Smoothie of the Month: Pineapple Avocado Green Smoothie


Make this delicious smoothie to start each morning of your spring break! It features fresh produce that is in-season this month: pineapple and avocado! Yum, our faves! The pineapple avocado green smoothie is delicious and energizing to get you through any adventurous day.


1 cup Coconut Milk

½ Avocado, medium, ripe

2 cup Spinach

2 cup Pineapple chunks, frozen

1 Tbsp Honey or Agave


  1. Blend these ingredients together first: coconut milk, avocado, spinach, and pineapple chunks.

  2. Once it is smooth, add in honey or agave to taste until desired sweetness, and blend until well incorporated.

  3. Garnish glass with a chunk of pineapple and enjoy!

Happy spring break from HC Belmont!

Growing up in the Chicagoland area, she eventually made her way down South for warmer winters in Nashville, TN. She is an Entertainment Industry Studies major at Belmont University, also pursuing a minor in classical percussion, one of her other many passions. Cassandra also enjoys health and fitness and is a current member of CHAARG. Cassandra's biggest passion for writing is what brought her to Her Campus, and now that she is a part of the writing team, she can't wait to share her thoughts, stories, and discoveries about health/fitness, music, traveling, food, and life itself.
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