The Best Self Care Movies on Disney+ For A Busy Finals Season

The newest streaming service, Disney+ has just dropped, and people all around the world are already obsessed. With millions of viewers and subscribers, it is one of the most successful streaming service launches in recent memory. With so much already added, and more on the way, I literally cannot get enough! It's almost like Disney knew that college students all around the world would be suffering during finals season, and would be in need of a much-needed self-care study break. Here are some of the best movies I've found on Disney+ to get you through finals and the holiday season. 

1. The Princess Diaries

This movie is such a classic that I grew up on, and I love that Disney has included for all that nostalgia. Grab your girl gang, some popcorn and melt your stress away!

2. The Parent Trap

Sisters??? No, we're like twins!! Binge the classic version, and the new version with Lindsay Lohan, because they are both on Disney+! How cool is that?

3. Inside Out

This is one of my favorite movies, and such a good one to have on in the background while you study. (I'm looking at you psychology majors!) Grab your tissues, your blanket and get rid of your stress. 

4. Avengers Endgame

If you want a good cry, this one is for you. Didn't see it in theaters? No worries! Just plug in your headphones, turn off the light, and get comfy. 

5. The Sound of Music

If you are looking for a fun, lighthearted movie that you can sing along to, look no further. The Sound of Music has the best soundtrack; and history majors, get ready to feel like you're still studying! 

6. Beauty and the Beast

The classic or the new one, take your pick! Classic movies are always the best, in any scenario!

7. Halloweentown

Want to relieve Halloween season when you weren't stressed out? Go watch Halloween town or Hocus Pocus! Both of these movies are on Disney+ and I definitely will be watching them year-round!

8. Star Wars: A New Hope 

Lastly, you have to watch a classic, Star Wars. All of the movies are on Disney+, so pick your favorite, but this one is mine. I love episode four so much, so I will definitely be watching it soon!