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Aim for Healthy: Great Snack Ideas

Weight is a very sensitive subject, especially around college students. I’m writing this article in an effort to make people aware that skinny and healthy are not the same. For a long time, I’ve relied on my metabolism while leading an unhealthy life, but with some effort, hopefully that can change.

For most of my life, I have been what people describe as “skinny.” Now this isn’t an unsubtle attempt at bragging. I’ve been in the lowest height and weight percentile for my age group for as long as I remember. I was small and athletic with a fast metabolism. However, I still ate whatever I wanted. I had Oreos as snacks, never drank milk, and I don’t like salad or vegetables. Looking back now, I can say I was short and skinny; however, more important than being skinny, I was not healthy.

There is a mindset that overweight people cannot be healthy and an assumption that underweight/average size people are healthy. Now that’s just not true. Yes, being overweight has generally been proven unhealthy, but having a few extra pounds and running five miles a day is better than being skinny with a fast metabolism and five hours of Netflix. Just like being five pounds underweight is fine if it’s due to your balanced nutrition plan instead of an eating disorder. “Skinny” does not equal healthy and “fat” does not equal unhealthy.

A high metabolism is not an excuse to eat bad food all day. Yes, this is college, and yes, it’s difficult when there is nobody but ourselves to monitor our food choices, but the longer I keep telling myself that eating chips instead of carrots is a good idea, the unhealthier I will get. Here are some easy, healthy snacks to eat:

1) Yogurt! Hillside, On-the-Fly, City Convenience, and CVS all sell yogurts. Most popular at BC is Chobani, and it comes in a variety of yummy flavors. As someone who doesn’t actually like Chobani, I love the Yoplait served at Hillside. I often stop by after a workout and pick up a strawberry banana Yoplait light as a post workout snack. It’s delicious and way better than eating a dozen of the Girl Scout cookies that your mom sent you.

2) Fruit! This is a tricky one because I have rarely seen a non-green banana at BC, but there are other options. I had a pretty good grapefruit from Lower last week and apples are generally a safe bet. The fruit bar has a wide variety, but personally I get a little sketched out by fruit that’s been in the open for more than a few hours. Others, however, do not have these concerns and enjoy their fruit without any consequences. Another great alternative is the Fruit Company, which will send you various fruit online. Keeping the fruit in my room helped me eat it more because it was just as easy to grab an orange as it was to get cookies.

3) Power bars! My go-to breakfast if I’m in a hurry. Just be careful because Cliff and Luna bars aren’t as healthy as you think. Be cognizant of what you eat- read the labels! Look for Kind or Quest bars as they have many healthy benefits.

Remember you should aim for healthy as a goal, not a number on a scale. Make slow changes to your snack options and drink lots of water; it helps you avoid unnecessary snacking. Beauty comes in all shapes and sizes, and you should always feel beautiful. Being healthy can help that. Stay safe, stay healthy, and stay confident!


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