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Returning back to campus after the pandemic has affected everyone in different ways. Maybe you feel like you’re overwhelmed, running out of time or just plain exhausted. It can leave you wondering, “When will I ever get a break?”. Even though we can’t take the much needed time away, we can help ourselves to keep pushing forward. Here are some things I try to accomplish to start my week on a good note.

  1. Taking time to be alone

I think this is the most important point of all. Coming back to campus means more events, in person classes, game days and spending time with our friends. All of these are really exciting, but can drain our energy quickly. What I like to do on Sundays is spend most of my time alone. It not only helps me refocus for the week, but I can get any errands done that I’ve been putting off.

  1. Cleaning my laundry and bed sheets

During the week, it may seem like we’re rushing around to get everything done. This can take away from the things that will help us feel more relaxed such as clean bed sheets or clothes. I like to clean my clothes about twice a week. During these times, I like to read on my own or take a short nap. I encourage you to complete a weekly task that will ease your stress. 

  1. Write down all my assignments or important events

One of the most helpful things I do to start my week is write down every assignment and due date in my planner. This keeps me organized and on track for the week. It helps reduce the amount of anxiety around completing a task. Planners are very useful and can help construct your days.  

  1. Picking out an outfit for the next day

If you don’t mind how you look going to class, then this will be a mundane tip. Personally, I like to set out my clothes the night before to get an idea of what I’m going to wear even if it isn’t that exact outfit. It cuts my time down getting ready in the morning and allows me to sleep in a little later if I had to stay up the night before. This to-do is not as important as the others, but if you’re similar to me, then this will definitely help your week go smoothly. 

  1. Create a morning routine

Early mornings can be dreadful, but sticking to a routine in the morning can help your day go well. I always like to wake up at the same time and get up right away. I find that if I stay in bed too long, I’m most likely not going to leave. I also like to stretch or walk around to get my body awake before I do anything else. 

These are things on my to-do list that help me throughout the week. I hope that some or all of these will help you as well. It can be difficult to take time for ourselves or do things that make us feel more comfortable. Trying to do at least one of those things before your week starts will put you in a better mental space. This will then affect all other aspects of your life. School and work can put us in a bad place, but taking care of yourself during this time is essential to being successful. 

Mercedes is a senior, Sociology major at Baylor University. Mercedes is from Oceanside, California, a little bit north of San Diego. Her interests are playing with makeup, trying new restaurants, and driving around blasting music. Her career goals include going to law school to become a family or immigration lawyer or opening a homelessness recovery center.
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