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A Eulogy for Three Treadmills

Those three treadmills. You know them. The ones in Merrill that were in the room with the mirror closest to the window? That’s them.

On Monday, September 3rd, 2018, I walked into Merrill Gymnasium to do my usual run on the treadmill (I don’t like to run outside, sue me). To my surprise, all three of my favorite treadmills were missing. For some reason, I froze. As a senior, this unexpected change was honestly so overwhelming for me that I literally shed a tear. I tried to workout on the other treadmills there and it just wasn’t happening. Sad.

I ran almost every day this summer and for most of junior year as well, but now I just can’t get myself to do it! I don’t find it worthwhile to workout if I don’t enjoy it, so I’m trying a new exercise routine. This was definitely a change I didn’t expect, but I’m going to take it in stride and just try something new, because why not. So maybe it’s a good thing that they’re gone now.

R.I.P Cybex 770t

Sophie Warren is senior at Bates College majoring in biology and history. She's from Massachusetts but was born in Wisconsin, so cheese is a really important part of her life. Her interests include dogs, tacos, and chillin.
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