Artist to Know: Mighty Oaks

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I’m rarely surprised when other people haven’t heard of Mighty Oaks, but I take great pleasure in introducing them to the band’s music. The indie folk/rock band is based in Berlin (Germany), but the members are from various countries: Ian Hooper’s from the US, Claudio Donzelli is from Italy, and Craig Saunders hails from the UK. They all contribute to the group’s gorgeous three-part harmonies, and each plays a variety of different instruments, including but not limited to banjo, mandolin, bass, acoustic and electric guitar, and ukulele.

Their most recent release was the long-awaited “Driftwood Seat” EP at the beginning of February, and I’m so excited to put it on repeat. Their earlier music is incredibly beautiful and moving. My favorites include “The Great Unknown,” which you should absolutely hear. This was the first song of theirs I ever heard, and I instantly felt drawn to the wistfulness and self-doubt it expresses. It questions the singer’s ability to be fully present and deserving of their partner, and it’s really just gorgeous.

Equally lovely and from the same album is “Raise A Glass,” a tribute to friendship and youth.

“Be With You Always” is an upbeat love song, and definitely catchy.

“The Great Northwest” is probably one of their most popular songs, and for great reason; it’s another love song, but this one is gentler and recounts how the singer instantly fell in love with their significant other, asking them to be gentle with their heart.

“Just One Day” is a perfect road-trip song: full of wonder and excitement at what the world has to offer the people who wish to explore it.

Enjoy listening; I sure will!