Artist to Know: Katy Tiz

When you think of female singers from the UK, you probably picture Jessie J, Adele, Amy Winehouse, Lily Allen, Rita Ora, etc. Here’s a name you ought to add to the list: Katy Tiz. She’s a 30 year old British singer-songwriter, and although she has yet to release her full debut album, she has quite a few good singles and EPs out already, including “Whistle (While You Work It).”

Katy Tiz and Ed Drewett dropped a single, “Life,” at the end of this past November, and it has a very different feel from “Whistle”:

If you’re in the mood to mope over a lost flame, “Heart” is perfect for all of you who are watching your crush with someone else.

She also featured on the song “Samurai” by Vanic, which has a snazzy house-type feel to it.

Katy Tiz has a really cool raspy voice, and I’d highly recommend checking out her work ("Famous" is great, as is her cover of Rock Mafia's "The Big Bang"). Keep on the lookout for Katy Tiz; she’s got quite a bit of potential.