Artist to Know: Lizzo

If you don’t already know about Lizzo, you’re seriously missing out. Lizzo, born Melissa Jefferson, is an alternative hip-hop rap artist, and she’s so cool. Maybe you’ve heard her hit “Good As Hell,” released in 2016. The music video is amazing, featuring women of color with all different types of hairstyles, including some absolutely rocking their natural curls and others showing off relaxed or braided hairdos:

She recently released another smash, “Juice,” which has a super fun retro music video to accompany it:

Of course, Lizzo’s discography extends beyond two delightful jams (“Coconut Oil,” “Truth Hurts,” and “Worship” are also great), and her music is just plain fun to listen to. She often includes horn instruments, clapping effects, soaring backup vocals, and Lizzo’s voice has a great raspy quality at times, adding even more funky texture to these bops. Her music has really great themes: female empowerment, body positivity, equality, sex positivity, and more. When you need a confidence boost, just blast one of her songs and you’re bound to feel better almost immediately.