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Folks, let me tell you about a band you should already know. If Lake Street Dive doesn’t ring any bells for you, allow me to introduce you. Formed in the 2000’s at the New England Conservatory in Boston, Lake Street Dive consists of four members: vocalist Rachael Price, guitarist/trumpeter Mike Olson, bassist Bridget Kearney, and drummer Mike Calabrese. Apparently, the name comes from a street known for its dive bars in Minneapolis, MN (Olson’s hometown).

Their bio on Spotify describes their music as a “cross-pollinated blend of neo-soul and pop/rock… weaving in elements of jazz, folk, and funk.” Honestly, they’re one of my current favorite bands. I’ve particularly been loving “Good Kisser” from their 2018 album “Free Yourself Up.” It’s a post-breakup song that tells the singer’s former lover that if they gossip about the other person, they need to mention all of the good things in the relationship, namely that the singer is a good kisser.

I also recommend “You Go Down Smooth,” which has a different but still great feel. This one is about an unhealthy relationship and how it can feel good at the time but negatively impact a person in the long term. Just as the song describes the superficial good parts of the relationship as masking the dysfunction beneath it, the song’s upbeat sound hides the pessimism in the words.

“Better Than” is slower and calmer, but no less good. In this song, the singer acknowledges that sometimes, you need to recognize and respect your fatigue and let your emotions run their course. There are days when you’re too tired to fight your feelings, and it’s okay to take a break to recharge and figure out life.

Honestly, just go through their discography; it’s great.

Rachel Minkovitz is a senior at Bates College double majoring in Psychology and French and Francophone Studies. She spends a lot of time listening to music, hanging out with friends, reading and writing, advocating for social justice, and looking for furry animals. 
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