5 Ways to Practice Self Care

If you haven't noticed, college often seems to romanticize being constantly busy, sleep deprived, and having a daily caffeine intake that may or may not put your health at jeopardy. When told to slow down, college students can only think about how far behind they’ll be if they miss class once.

I am guilty of this. I just recovered from a nasty stint of the flu, and even after being told by a doctor that I shouldn’t go to class and take it easy, I still went on with my days as if I didn’t want to die.

Granted, my whining was at a full 100%, but I still went to work, meetings, and class because in my own words,  “I have no time to be sick.” This is a dangerous mentality. Not only does it often cultivate physical and emotional situations that could result in being sick in the first place, but it can lead to burnout.


1. Incorporate something you enjoy into your daily schedule

With a hectic college schedule, it can be hard to make time for the things you genuinely enjoy and for me, that was reading. I used to read a book every day and now, I’m lucky if I sneak one in a month. Scheduling time for reading, or whatever you enjoy, into your schedule as commonly as classes or an exam can go a long way to help you unwind.


2. Don’t be afraid to take mental health days

Some days, the saying “I literally can't” really does apply. Don’t be afraid to take a mental health day and disconnect or skip a class because you pulled an all nighter for a midterm.


3. Allocate on day of the week to spending time with yourself

This can be as often as you wish, whether it be every week or every month. It’s important to get away from the college bubble and spend time with the greatest person in your life (yourself). Take the time to reflect or just enjoy the quiet.


4. Find a hobby you’re passionate about

College is going to stress you out, it’s a given. But, finding an activity, like a sport or photography, that you can channel that energy into can be so helpful and ca go a long way to ensuring your mental health.


5. Treat yourself

Eat that cookie, go get that ice cream, buy yourself that jacket you’ve been eyeing for a month. Now, that isn’t to say that I’m encouraging blowing all your savings on useless stuff, but allow yourself one “treat moment” a week. Set a number of times you can eat out or buy something.