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The Mind of an Overthinker

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Words. They zip around in my head. Full and incomplete, fighting for control. There is too much going on in my brain. I find it hard to concentrate. I find it hard to be opinionated, fearing alienating others or saying the wrong thing. So quietly I sit, exploring scenes in my mind. 

The mind of an overthinker is overwhelming and extremely difficult. I find it hard to move about in the world, always wandering and questioning if my decision is right or wrong. Events, memories, replay in my head, a new scenario each time, seeing how it would turn out; how different things would be if I chose differently. With everything going on, life is already difficult, but overthinking piles onto it, making it all the more difficult. 

My mind is seldom quiet. And when it is, it is unnerving. It feels weird not to have thoughts racing around, jumping from idea to idea, scene to scene. Worrying about the future and dwelling on past choices. However, it can be peaceful at times, especially after finally getting rid of a thought that just won’t go away. A memory I keep revisiting now and then, thinking of ways I could have gone about it. 

The mind of an overthinker is complicated. It can be a difficult thing to overcome, however, the stress that can arise from it can help you move a bit, and spring you to action.

Youma Ndiaye

Augustana '26

Youma is a Psychology major and creative writing minor studying at Augustana College. She loves to read and write, watch tv shows/movies, and sometimes loves to paint.