A Small Victory is Still A Victory

As the one-year anniversary of the start of COVID-19 quarantine is quickly approaching, it is so important to remember to continue to prioritize yourself and your mental health to remain optimistic during these times. The pandemic has affected people in a multitude of ways, but as a college student, I would argue that it has personally affected my mindset and mental health more than anything else. While weeks and months can seem draining and repetitive, and social distancing guidelines make it difficult to see the people that matter to you, the best thing anyone can do for themselves to avoid feeling down is to practice self-care and to remind yourself that you are enough. A positive mindset has the ability to lead you through the rest of your day feeling rejuvenated, productive, and happy to be alive. 

Unfortunately, we are still in the thick of the winter; however, it will soon pass us by. In the meantime, while we are still stuck inside, we must cherish and praise the little things that make us happy and the little victories in our lives. Some days you will feel like working out, being productive, cleaning your whole house, etc., and those are all amazing victories. However, some days it is much harder to get out of bed in the morning, and it can be a challenge to go on with your daily activities, and that might be all that you do. Although you may feel like you could have done more with your time, you must remember that doing your best is still an amazing victory to your day. There is not now nor ever will be anything wrong with not feeling up to socialization or wanting to lie in bed and rest for as long as possible. As long as you are prioritizing what feels best for you, you will always be winning.

four orange pillows on a bed with flowers on the bedside table Photo by Liana Mikah from Unsplash

One of the greatest forms of self-care is to be proud of yourself. At the end of the day, you are the one person who will always be there for yourself, which means you are responsible for giving yourself the most love overall. Be patient with your progress, but acknowledge that you are being the best version of yourself every single day. Be proud of yourself for getting out of bed, or for eating a meal, or finishing an assignment. No matter how big or how small, taking care of yourself, appreciating yourself for who you are, and understanding your limits is a victory.