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I love suffering with a nice soundtrack. 

Just laying on the ground, allowing your problems to completely wash over you as Cavetown or Streetlight Manifesto plays in the background? 


Throw in a couple Mitski songs and a whole load of The Front Bottoms and I’m set for at least 5 to 6 hours of just existing.

It’s an otherworldly experience… godly if you will.

And by the way, who says gods have to be bigger than mankind?

Maybe you can hear Apollo in that Modern Baseball song you have on repeat while you absolutely bawl your eyes out. 

Maybe Persephone exists in that badass woman at the coffee shop that you keep seeming to run into.

Aphrodite might be looking at you from the other side of that mirror you avoid.

And Nyx? Do you remember that girl with her jet black hair and her intricate eyeliner? The one that seemed to just radiate an ethereal aura?

Or perhaps you found Hestia within the compassionate nature of your lab partner.

Redefining “godliness” opens up a world or possibilities.

Sometimes it just takes suffering with a nice soundtrack to start. 

Cami Flores

Augustana '25

I am such a simple person. everyday I wake up, think "no thanks" and then go right back to sleep.
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