The Positive One

We are the sunshine, the brightness, the light on the dark days. We are the helpers, the healers, the listeners, and the support systems; the sympathizers and the empathizers, together in one person. We give too much and receive too little, with no word out of our mouths about it. 


It can be extremely exhausting always being the positive one of the friend group. Oftentimes people forget that the people who have their lives mostly together can get sad too, they can get stressed, they can get upset, they can become exhausted. Friends will vent and vent to you as you are trying to get through the difficult things going on in your own life, not being aware of the fact that you need help too. 


If you are that friend, you need to remember that it is okay to not always be the positive one. Your friends need to be your support system too. I feel that there is always a massive weight on the positive one to pretend that you always have it all together, as if you have to be the mold that holds your friends up, but sometimes that just isn’t fair nor possible. Things come up, and life happens. You are not required to always have it all together. You should take time for yourself, to feel things for yourself, help yourself, and ask for your own help if needed. 


If you are the friend that leans on the positive friend all the time, before venting your own issues it is kind to ask if the other person has the mental space at the moment. It is easy to forget that everyone can be going through something, even those that seem like our happiest and healthiest friends. 


Positivity is key to life, but often one can feel the pressure of always possessing it if they are known to be that way. You have to remind yourself that it is okay to be overwhelmed and not okay sometimes. The friends that want to vent to you when you are not in the right head space for it should be able to understand. You have to be selfish sometimes and realize that you cannot help the world every second of the day if you are not nourishing yourself!