Eating Healthy on a Meal Plan

It is hard to find fun healthy things to eat at school when you are still on a meal plan. Everything looks too greasy, salty, sugary, or fake to want to participate in eating it. If you are someone like me, then eating healthy is very important to you. I have a very sensitive stomach and I like to watch what I eat. The CSL does not always have the greatest things to offer someone who is looking to eat first glance.

The first food hack I can give you is the pasta bar. The pasta bar in itself is already fairly healthy, but here is a way to make it even better. First pick out all the meats and veggies you like, then when they are done cooking it add it to the rice found at Asian fusion. This gives you the veggies and meats you may like plus carbs, but in a healthier way.

Are you still looking for healthy carbs? Try the fruit bar. Some days you may not always find fresh fruit that you like (though of course on Friday you will), but most days there are apples. Apples are always my go-to because you can take your apple over to the breakfast bar and add a little peanut butter for a nice side dish to your meal. 

Another fun breakfast option is to make your own breakfast sandwich. How do you do this you ask? Well, I take eggs from American Grill, then cut a sesame seed bagel in half at the breakfast bar. Lastly, I go over to the salad bar and put some spinach on it. You can add whatever else you would like but this is usually my go-to!

You may be thinking that this isn’t much when it comes to dinner time. I agree with you; it is hard at dinner to find a full nourishing meal. I start with some sort of meat from the Carvery. Chicken is always my favorite option. Then I go and get my veggies grilled at the pasta bar, hold the pasta. Finally, I make myself a spinach salad at the salad bar. At this point, I usually feel that I have a well balanced, satisfying meal. 

Though food is not the only important thing when it comes to eating healthy. You also have to drink healthy too! Luckily, I think that this is something Augustana does a great job on. They offer different sorts of water (lemon, lime, orange, etc.) to spice up your day. Then, on top of that, you can drink things like almond milk for breakfast! What a nice way to start your day. 

The CSL is not the only place to eat though. I also recommend the CC. If you do not have time to sit down and eat at the CSL, it is still easy to eat healthy on a quick stop at the CC. Your meal could consist of a water bottle, a chicken caesar salad (or whatever salad suits your tastes), and a bag of Smart Pop popcorn. This is an easy quick meal that is also very healthy! The CC also offers Naked Juices, which is a great late-night snack after a long day. Also, they have different protein shakes which I find very helpful after practices, especially if you are vegetarian and need a way to find protein. 

Overall, I will not lie, it is very hard to eat healthy on a meal plan, but there are definite ways to get it done and still feel full while doing so!