6 Affordable Decor Ideas

Do you struggle with finding the time and money to decorate your dorm or apartment? Ever wonder: where can I find cute decorations on a budget anyway? While having an eye-pleasing living space probably isn’t (and shouldn't!) be your biggest priority as a college student, it's nice to come home to a place you feel comfortable in. And if you plan to have visitors, you want your place to look welcoming! Decorating doesn't have to be pricey. You can easily make your place attractive with the right advice!

1. Check yard sales. You can find really great deals on centerpieces, wall hangings, potholders, kitchen towels, and SO much more! You might be thinking, Kitchen towels and potholders? How would that make my place look cool? Well, you can tack up some cute potholders to decorate the walls like decorating with works of art. You could also hang kitchen towels on the handle of your oven to go with a certain time of year or holiday. I personally love hanging towels on my stove!

2. Plants. Whether you're a succulent person or an herb person, there's a plant for everyone! A small basil plant can grow into a large source of basil with the right soil, amount of water, sunlight, and occasional food. Yeah, you can grow your own spices….how cool is that!? Succulents are lower maintenance and can be placed anywhere in your home too.

3. Picture frames. Search for a frame that lets you stock it with several pictures of your family and friends. Or, if you're an animal person, fill it with pictures of your pets. Printing photos can be a little pricey, but once you have them, you can keep them forever even if your decorating style changes.

4. Scented decorations. This includes wax warmers, oil warmers, candles, incense, and so on. If you're lucky enough to not be allergic to or get headaches from scented decorations, invest in a few for your apartment. Even if you don't light candles or incense often, having them out makes it look like you're a well-rounded adult. I don't know why, but it's true. Maybe incense isn't as respected by the older generation as candles are, but it's still your apartment and you're in charge there. Wax warmers and oil warmers are usually reusable, meaning they don't burn out like a candle or incense stick. However, they often need to be plugged in, so make sure you have the required amount of plug-ins before heading to the store and buying every scent of wax cubes you see. Wax warmers aren't as cheap as candles in general, but they last longer depending on usage.

5. Coasters. Not only do they make your furniture look nicer for longer, but the right set of coasters can be a talking piece and very appealing to look at. I’ve found so many coasters that are so cute and can really liven a living space! Usually you can find them fairly cheap too!

6. Throw pillows. I feel like this is kind of an obvious one, but just had to include it! Rarely will you find a college girl without a decorative throw pillow on her bed or futon. You can find these in local stores, at auctions, garage sales, thrift stores, or online. You could also try making your own, which allows you to create something you're more likely to enjoy.