4 Things You Need to Know About Saga!

Let's Talk About Saga!

1. What is Saga?

Saga is Augustana's very own literary magazine! The group's goal is to promote the arts on Augustana's campus and host events such as poetry slams and readings. This is where Augie's creative writers and artists showcase their accomplishments to the campus community. The staff is entirely made up of students working hard to publish the finest work from Augustana every year!  

2. How to Submit Your Work

The magazine accepts student submissions of poetry, fiction, and artwork, including drawings, paintings, and photography. If you have any recent work that you'd like to submit you can email up to TEN pieces of each category of Prose, Poetry, and Artwork to [email protected]. Include your name, year, and which category each piece belongs to for your submissions. Saga staff works hard to ensure total fairness for each submission so all pieces are given to the judges with no names or student information attached to ensure equal opportunities for students! Saga's submission period is open until January 5th, so get to work and send in your best pieces!


3. Saga is the Perfect Publication to Start Getting Published

At the publication of the year's edition, the editors and a group of judges award over $2,000 in prize money to the year's best submissions. In addition to the possibility of earning cash for their work, students who aspire to write professionally find that SAGA is a great opportunity to begin developing material for their résumés and portfolios! Future employers love to see a professional skill level when entering the workforce and having your creative content published is a huge plus. 


4. Still Want to Know More? Saga is Holding an Information Meeting!

Friday December 1st Saga will be holding a "Dos and Don'ts" meeting at 6 o'clock pm in Olin 302. The Editors in Chief Alina Lundholm, Michelle Hill, and Melissa Conway will be talking about guidelines & rules for this year's submissions. They'll also be available after the meeting to answer any and all questions about your pieces and give advice on how to create amazing pieces!

Any pressing questions about Saga? Email [email protected]