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I’ve been curious about juice cleanses for a long time. Are they actually good for you? Are the supposed detoxifying benefits noticeable? Is it just a trendy way to starve yourself?

This week, I decided to find out myself, and the only way was to actually try one!

My reasoning behind it was that I’ve been feeling bloated and getting stomach aches ever since I started Arizona State in the fall. Maybe it’s due to stress, late night trips across the street to the classiest authentic Mexican restaurant (Taco Bell), or the occasional dining hall slice of pizza, but I’m someone who usually prides myself on eating a super clean diet. So Tuesday evening I decided to drive myself to Nekter Juice Bar in Tempe to splurge on 12 bottles of juice – the only thing I would be eating for the next two days. I definitely consider myself a foodie, so I was terrified but also excited to find out what positive benefits it might have on my body!

Tips if You Are Doing a Juice Cleanse:

  • Continue to drink your normal amount of water (or more) throughout the cleanse. It helps flush toxins out of your body, makes you feel less hungry, and keeps you from becoming dehydrated.

  • Listen to your body! If you need food for energy, then eat some raw fruits, nuts, or vegetables. I kept a baggie of raw almonds in my juice cooler during my cleanse and snacked on them when I got hungry.

  • Do not exercise. You are seriously limiting your calorie intake so it is best to not over exert yourself. I even avoided stairs because I was nervous that I would get dizzy or pass out. Stretching and walking are fine but I would not recommend going to the gym or an exercise class.

  • Bring your cooler bag with a couple juices and an ice pack everywhere you go. The juices are supposed to be consumed every 2 hours and it is nice to have them to constantly sip on throughout the day. It is also important to always keep them cold so that they keep all of their nutritional benefits and are safe to drink.


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