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We all have different skin care routines that are well suited for our own skin types. However, for all my dry skinned girls out there, listen the heck up! I have cracked the code to a glowing complexion and clear pores. I used to wake up and could almost feel the rise of pimples on my cheeks, but I have recently found our fountain of eternal youth: Burt’s Bees.

Burt’s Bees is a well-known health and beauty line that is predominantly known for their lip care: chapsticks, lip tints, and lipsticks of all kinds! Their cruelty-free formula appeals to a wide variety of consumers, whether you’re looking for a new chapstick, or even a new face wash, Burt’s Bees is a brand to rely on.

Anyway, onto the product! As many college students can attest, between the sweat from walking to class to the stress of your next project, it is extremely hard to take care of yourself. Eating healthy, exercising, drinking lots of water, we often focus on these things, but often not about skin care! Take me for example. I have struggled to keep up with a skincare routine that fit my skins needs as well as my own personal needs. But I have found my one true love with Burt’s Bees Apple Hibiscus Renewal Refining Cleanser.

The first night I had used it, I had put my face through so much abuse. The poor thing. Slept in my make-up, hadn’t really given it a thorough clean, and surely wasn’t giving it the attention it truly needed. Long story short, I had pimples. And a lot of them. My face was a bright red, and looked tired and just as abused as it felt.

The formula is very light and soft. It has little a exfoliator that almost feels like sugar crystals on the skin. Most of the time, exfoliation irritate my skin which makes me sad because sometimes a girl really just wants to massage her face; let all her stresses go. Especially after a week of reading tarot cards in the Arizona Sunshine. I just wanted a bit of me time! And the wash has the faintest hint of floral and apples that make it divine. Not too strong, and yet the scent is very soothing.

After rinsing the wash off with slightly warm water, I didn’t feel much of a difference in my skin. It felt cleaner, especially after not really caring for my face for a few days. However, I did feel like the redness in my problem areas weren’t as severe! (Again that may have been because of not washing my face but I hope it’s this wash, cause your girl is living up to this point). My t-zone probably had the most effect, it was moisturized, and soft to touch, which is what I was hoping for. But the true test is how it feels in the morning…

And let me tell you, as soft as a baby’s freaking butt! Just a touch had me in love with this wash…

After a week of using this product, I don’t think I can go with anything less. It’s done such magnificent things to my face, including giving it the little upkeep it’s always desperate for. Of course, keeping up with other healthy habits have always known to protect your skin, so it’s absolutely recommended that you do these three things on top of using this face wash:

1) Wash your face

At least once a day, (twice is usually preferred). Just keep on top of washing your face right before bed, and right when you get up in the morning. Warm water is the perfect way to jump-start a dreary Monday morning.

2) Keep away from touching your face throughout the day

As college students, we are exposed to a variety of germs, oils, and gunk. To go through this Arizona weather, and then go about touching your face gives me shivers. Ew.

3) Drink all of the water!

I cannot stress this enough. Your body thrives on water, and here in the desert, water is the number one way to stop breakouts. Keep hydrated, and stay safe in this dreadful heat. Your face will thank you kindly.

With all these combined, your skin will thank you immensely. Feeling bright, happy, and healthy!




My name is Mikayla Beyries. I was born in Southern California before moving to Arizona where I have lived a majority of my life. I am currently a freshman in college on my way to becoming a Political Journalist. I want to write about what matters, as a woman, as a student, as a human there are going to be things at stake that the world should see, and I want to help deliver that knowledge to them.
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