Muscle in Mindset

Strong-willed, hard-headed, and a damn good coffee swinger are just a few things I would use to describe one of my best friends, Hailee. At twenty-four years old, she has lived in more than one time zone, held many jobs, and established her personal importance to herself. In my opinion, things that are not easy to do.

Having experienced moving states and the stress of establishing a new life around people who are already living their own, I know that it is a challenge. Hailee has moved from California to Arizona and experienced what life is like in a multitude of areas.--including within her own mindset and headspace. Growth and maturing can be extremely difficult because we have to accept that we are aging each day. I don’t blame anyone for wanting to stay a kid forever.

“When I realize that my body is coping by going into attack mode, I often reassure myself that I am okay and that everything is okay,” Hailee said when asked about her way of lightening a dark situation.

Unprecedented times reap unprecedented thoughts that can oftentimes be intrusive. In order to keep this light, there is an unsaid agreement that mental health is at the peak of everyone’s awareness. Or at least it should be.

If and when she is not at work, Hailee is meditating and focusing on learning new things. In fact, her crystal collection is steadily growing. When asked what was the most empowering thing she had done that ultimately led her to eternal strength, Hailee responded with the story of how she ended her relationship with her fiancé, moved back home, and enrolled in school: the ultimate story of how she became as tough as she is today that I was thankful she shared so willingly. That’s how you know true growth and strength are well within her core.

Having had personal experiences working under a female boss in the largely male-dominated working world, I’ve learned that the notion of working to better yourself over another man’s approval is crucial. Granted, when it came to her internal promotion within her workplace, she was in competition with other women. Drama and tension were guaranteed and prominent. However, nothing stopped Hailee from reaching her personal goals and potential.

By shifting her mindset through self-reassurance, learning new things, and working towards a better future academically and emotionally, Hailee can confidently state just how thankful she is for her experiences. She’s not only met many new people but also a new version of herself.