Dorm Series: Taylor Place - Downtown Phoenix

The summer after graduation is filled with so many lasts, but despite the sadness of a chapter ending, you get to start planning a new beginning.

Your first dorm room is a place where memories are made, friendships are built, and is where you start to become your truest self. Some may think it’s just a room, but it’s your new home away from home. The first place you will be on your own and figure out how to live on your terms. So you might as well make it cozy!

In this series, the Her Campus writers and I will be helping our readers plan out their dorms for their upcoming year! We will be listing the Do’s and Don’ts of stocking up your room this semester. For the first installment of the series, we’re gonna focus on Taylor Place, ASU’s Dorm on the Downtown Phoenix campus!

As an incoming freshman I spent the last month or so of the summer trying to figure out everything I needed to bring/buy for my dorm room. There’s a lot of articles you can find, but the majority of them had an excess amount of items that you won’t actually need. Below I will list the absolute necessities, a few tips & tricks along with the Do’s & Don’ts of Taylor Place.

Absolute Necessities:

  • Bath:

    • Bath Mats

    • Makeup Countertop Organizer

    • Shower Caddy

    • Shower Curtain

    • Storage Drawers

    • Towels

    • Waste Baskets

  • Bed:

    • Bed Bug-Protecting mattress cover

    • Comforter

    • Mattress Pad

    • Pillows & Pillowcases

    • Throw blanket

    • Twin XL Sheets

  • Closet

    • Curtain &  Rods

    • Hangers

    • Storage Bins

    • Shoe Organizer

  • Kitchen

    • Microwave

    • Mini Fridge

    • Reusable Water Bottle

    • Tupperware

    • Utensils

  • Laundry

    • Hamper

    • Laundry Bag/Basket

  • Miscellaneous

    • Command Strips/Hooks

    • Extra lighting (e.g. lamps, string lights, etc.)

    • Jewelry Box

    • Trash Bags

    • Trunk or extra storage

    • Wall Art

    • Wall Mirror

*the list above does not include any toiletries, clothing, cleaning or school supplies, just the essentials for your room*

Tips & Tricks:


Coffee Makers: they sound like a good idea, but usually they end up being more of a decoration

Groceries: take the free- student only- campus shuttle to the Safeway instead of wasting money on a Lyft or Uber


When it’s time to wash your clothes you can check if there is an open washer/dryer on

Set a timer for your clothes (you don’t want someone to take out your clothes - AND NEVER BE LATE BECAUSE SOMEONE WILL!)

Vacuum: There is one available to be checked out; save your money

Dining Hall:

Want freshly cracked eggs - ask for cage free eggs

Don’t feel like getting food from the dining hall? Go to the Taylor place convenience store or pizza place and get a meal swipe

Do’s & Don’ts:

DO - contact your roommate and decide who is buying what so in the end you both save money *and can coordinate*

DON’T - Overbuy, the rooms aren’t huge and it will get cramped. Start small, and let things accumulate over time!

DO - Get deals on stuff from your room (e.g. Ross, Bed Bath & Beyond coupons)

DON’T - Break the bank buying school gear from the school store, instead hit up a nearby Target

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