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Like every other student in university who thought their immune system was the strongest and scoffed at people who were getting the ‘freshers’ flu’, karma decided I needed a healthy dosage of medicine. So, how do you cope  with this sudden sickness when your usual moral and emotional support is missing? I made this list while I was playing Sneeze Orchestra. (Special thanks to my roommate who told me I am an expert at it.)

Sleep so much that your future healthy self would envy the present you.
When you’re starved of physical and mental energy the best cure is rest. Convince your professors that they don’t want to attend your Cough Opera even if they insist. No alarms are a must and ideally one pillow to hug for comfort. Catch up on your sleep. It won’t be a difficult task considering the low amount of sleep you get on a regular basis. (I am not talking about people who have their life together.)

Disturb your friends; Call your people
There is nothing worse than being sick and without your best friends to cheer you up. If those said friends are in another university miles away, call them. Disturb them, being clingy when you’re sick is expected. Take it from my best friends who got mad when I didn’t tell them that I was unwell and vowed they would rather hear my Sniffles Soprano than me crying that I have no one. ✨ main character moment ✨

Binge-watch something if your eyes manage to stay open
Warning. This suggestion is not a tested theory. I did manage to watch a complete mystery rom-com movie and I did manage to laugh (or croak like a frog) during the funny parts but every time I tried to continue a series, I was out like the tube light that goes off right when you’re perfecting that winged eyeliner. So, if binge-watching is your speciality then highly recommend it.

A sweet box or snacks from your parents hits the 100 in your happy-o-meter.
Yes, I am aware that eating sweets when your throat is partaking in the revolution of the semester is bad. I have had people tell me that I am not audible (my brain couldn’t process the shock this comment caused.) But, Sweet is Sweet. Good Food is Good Food. So, having a sweet box to just look at is solace on its own. Please don’t eat sweets when you’re sick and blame it on this article. Also, spicy food is recommended if you want an unblocked nose. Please don’t eat spicy food if you can’t handle the spice and get more sick and blame it on this article. You’re responsible for yourself. (This is the real lesson you learn when you’re away from home.)

Excel in your coping mechanisms. No time like the present.
This article would not have been published unless the author had fallen sick right before the original article had been due. I am pleased to say that my coping mechanism as writing has been an enormous help in letting go of some of my sad, sad thoughts. So, pick your usual coping mechanism that is doable of course. If you cope by playing basketball or swimming, I am sorry my friend, you need different distractions too. So, for people with anxiety about low performance in any work you do; console yourself by being productive in some fun part of you. I even wrote a couple of gibberish limericks. Might publish that as an article the next time. 

The most important thing that I have come to realize is that when you’re ill and far away from home 75% of the contribution to your illness is due to the lack of your usual coziness. It is called being Homesick

experiencing a longing for one’s home during a period of absence from it.

As I am writing this, I terribly miss my Amma’s cooking which I could somehow taste even when my taste buds decide to die. I also miss my Appa’s constant nagging about taking the medicine right on time. There’s this quote about knowing the value of things only when it’s missing. Who would have thought that I would relate it to the simplicity of Milk rice, salt and pickle? (Taste the dish before judging me) 

I am homesick for my best friend’s shouting when someone dares to interrupt my rest. I am homesick for the thiruneeru that Amma applies to my forehead in a prayer, hurriedly before going to work. I am homesick for my Appa’s organizer which lists all my missed responsibilities. I am homesick for my brother’s share of biscuits that he leaves behind ‘unintentionally’ for me to smile. 

I am homesick for the place that I thought I was sick of. 

I am homesick for the place that I thought I had to grow out of.

I am homesick for the place that I know is my anchor wherever I wander.

I am homesick for the place that is constant, in sickness and in health. 

Harshini Dhiyaa is a Physics Major in dependent relationship with poetry. She can be found daydreaming fake scenarios and has a penchant for getting too excited whenever there is a plot twist in anything.
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