Don’t Worry If You Don’t Have An Internship This Summer

As the spring semester is winding down and the uninterrupted three-month summer vacation draws nearer, the question that looms in most students’ minds is, what is the best way to spend it? Some choose to spend their time working hard through the summer as interns, trying to gain as much work experience as possible. You may, however, not get the job you wanted, or not even want to do one at all, but don’t know what to do. There are many ways to have an amazing, enriching summer experience, and here are nine alternatives to summer interning:      

1. Holidaying

Although a seemingly obvious choice, holidaying through (or for a part of) the vacation is almost a sure-shot way to happiness. After a tiring semester, you deserve to enjoy the vacations by holidaying in any way that’s exciting to you-- whether that means kicking back and relaxing at a remote location or exploring new places.

2. Eat good food

Eating good, healthy and delicious food is an important part of life-- an aspect you can feel short changed of if you eat regularly at the mess. This summer, make sure you eat healthy and delicious food-- and let’s be real, there is no better chef that your mother. Treat yourself to new culinary experiences by exploring local or foreign cuisines or learning to make your favourite foods yourself. Take time out for food this summer, and don’t forget to thank your mom!

3. Get enough rest

At college, sleep can feel like an obstacle to an active student life. Nights that involve eight hours of sleep are few and far in between. College students are often sleep-deprived, which is why it’s no surprise to see someone fast asleep in the library, or catnapping in the lawns on a good spring day. This summer, make rest a priority; take time out to not only relax but also get good, deep sleep. It will definitely recharge you for a good monsoon semester.

4. Try to learn something new

We often struggle to make time for our hobbies when we have a full academic schedule to worry about; it is also easy to be anxious about trying to learn something new. Summer is the best time to try new things that push you, physically, creatively or otherwise. Keep an eye out for local classes or even online tutorials. Do the thing you always wanted to do! And like Boss Ross says: talent is a pursued interest; anything you’re willing to practice, you can do.

5. Read books

One constant complaint from college students is that there isn’t enough time to read books for pleasure outside of coursework. So, why miss this opportunity to read as much as you can, and that too, unrelated to any courses you’re studying. Make a dent in your to-read list, revisit some old favourites, or try books from genres you don’t usually read.

Or let us help find you a book to read. Here are our top 5 picks that would make great summer reads.

6. One kind act a day

Not all social service is meant to get buff up your CV. This summer, try to do something without expecting a certificate for it. Keep water in buckets for the street dogs, cattle, and birds. Build a small shelter for street animals to protect them from the sun, or feed them. Plant saplings in and around your house. These services are never going to get you a certificate, but it will definitely give you some good karma!

7. Pay your friends a visit

When you leave your hometown to come to Plot #2, Kundli, there are always some friends you leave behind. And although college is an amazing place to meet new, like-minded people, it’s impossible not to miss your childhood friends. So this summer, reach out to school and childhood friends that are around. Get together to reminisce about the good ol’ days and catch up with what’s been up in their lives. You can’t have too many friends.  

8. Play some sports

Staying fit and healthy should always be a motive, no matter what the situation is. So, this summer, another thing you can try out is, play sports. You can go for a cycle ride, swimming, basketball, football or the best, just walk around the park. This will definitely make you healthy, fit and you will get to experience a rejuvenating summer!

9. Take some time out for yourself

The last thing, which you must do in this summer, is, take out time for yourself. It is not always necessary to do something or the other. Sometimes, it is better to just sit and relax without worrying about anything. So, make sure along with all the list of things mentioned above, you also make out time for yourself!


The aforementioned things will definitely give you a different experience of summer than that of interning somewhere. So, this summer, if you don’t have an internship, don’t worry. This time, do something different than what you’ve been doing for years!


Edited by Devashree Somani

All images have been curated by Sanjna Mishra