5 Motivational Hacks to Get Your Booty in the Gym

Source: QC Photography


1.     Buy Cute Workout Clothes

 Whenever I buy new clothes, I usually end up planning to wear them ASAP. By purchasing cute workout clothes it’ll help you want to wear them to the gym! Plus if you feel confident at the gym there is a high chance you will try a little harder while working out. Who wants to be the cute girl in the gym who gives only 50 percent effort while working out?


2.     Get a Workout Buddy

 While you’re lying in bed, scrolling through Instagram for the seventh time, a text pops up on your phone from your bestie asking you to go to the gym. This may not seem like the best idea in that moment but if you don’t go, you’ll end up feeling like the lazier one and that’s never fun. Finding a workout buddy will help motivate you to get out of bed and get into the gym. Plus you’ll have a super fun time while you’re there!


3.     Sign up for Workout Classes

Ever walked into the gym and immediately felt overwhelmed by all of the equipment so you just end up on the treadmill for an hour? Same here girlfriend. By going to work out classes you don’t have to worry about machines and looking silly if you end up using them the wrong way. Classes can teach you how to work out properly and will help you get a better sweat too!


4.     Schedule Your Workout Ahead of Time

Another way to feel less overwhelmed in the gym is to plan your workouts ahead of time. Use Pinterest to find workouts that sound fun to you and write them down on your phone. This way when you’re in the gym next time you know exactly how to do each move and what is coming next.


5.     Follow Fitness Motivation Accounts on Social Media

Scrolling through Instagram and seeing food accounts, cute puppy pics, and your bestie’s new post is fun and all but won’t help you motivate yourself to become a healthier person. Follow some fitness accounts and one day you’ll be scrolling through your feed and become automatically motivated to go hit the gym.