Here's How To Embrace 5K Season

With the weather getting warmer outside, it is the perfect time to sign up for a 5K! Running season is here. Are you intimidated by the long miles or thinking that you could fail to run the whole thing? Don’t be. The most important part of taking part of any 5K race gaining the endurance to do it. Preparing for a 5K race can be more challenging than actually preforming the race. Take advantage of the valuable resources that App State and Boone has to offer to prepare for a 5K can leave you with a sense of accomplishment.

The hardest part of actually training for a 5K is the first run. To be honest, it’s going to feel like death and you are going to want to stop running in about .5 seconds. But don’t. Start by running until you feel short of breath, and push yourself to run one minute past that. Pushing yourself will build up your endurance and each day you will find yourself running more and more. Running is just as much of a mental game as it is a physical one. Once you get in the routine of running, it still wont be easy. But the most important part to remember is don’t quit.

Where should you run? If the skies are blue and the weather is nice, find a trail outside to run. A popular spot in Boone for runners is the Greenway. Try to find a location with a mix of terrain or hills. Running on a easy and straight path will not challenge yourself to become a better runner.

While you are outside running, do not let other runners intimidate you. Remember that you are on your own path to successfully accomplishing your fitness goals, nobody else’s. Even the idea of running three plus miles in one setting can be a little intimidating. Think of short-term goals. For example, your goal at the end of the week could be running one mile without stopping. Overtime you will build yourself up to more and more miles.

As you continue to build and build your endurance, don’t think about timing. When training for a 5K for the first time, it’s not about how fast you can run, it accomplishing the task of actually running it. Stay focused on your original fitness goals before adding to the list. Working on time will come once you become an experienced runner.

Throughout your training process, take advantage of the many apps that have been created to help. Couch to 5K is an app that you can download that is specifically designed to start you off at the beginners’ level of running. The app outlines 20-30 minutes sessions of running for nine weeks. If you keep up with the app, you will be crossing the finish line in no time.

Take advantage of the many 5K races offered in North Carolina. Some of the most popular races include The Color Run, the Memorial Day Trail Race in Charlotte, Race to the Bar in Greensboro, and many others throughout the summer months. To get a complete list of races in North Carolina, click here.

Stay dedicated to becoming healthier and stronger and in the end it will be a rewarding experience. Once you finish one race, you will be dying to sign up for the next one!