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You Don’t Have Do Yoga Alone

Sometimes known as couples yoga, acroyoga combines practices of yoga and acrobatics into a very aesthetic pleasing yet physically challenging form of exercise. 

Many couples (romantic, friends, or even strangers, definitely a stretch!!) find that the trust that acrosyoga requires of them strengthens their relationship. Other than the physical benefits of successfully stretching and bending in unnatural twists and focusing on their well-being, individuals enjoy dopamine rushes as mind aligns with body. 

I will warn you that some of these poses look a lot easier than they actually are, so please have someone spot you. But don’t discourage yourself from trying. You will have to put in effort and work to train your muscles and mind, but trust in the process, and results will show. 

Maybe these pictures will inspire you to try a pose or two. You might even surprise yourself when your body folds into unexpected shapes. 

Imagine a nice morning hike in the mountains finished by a session of acroyoga…

Get your room group together to do this.

Another room group one. Suite possibly? 

I don’t know who to be more impressed by… The rock doesn’t look too comfortable, but they look like they could be in that position for eternity.

They have to be twins, or this picture has to be a mirror image of one, right? RIGHT? 

All things considered, to be honest, I don’t think anyone can beat these inviduals: 

About-to-be-Mom was 9 months pregnant and took these picture four days before the birth. 


She took pictures with the baby after giving birth. 

Check out our Instagram (@hc_amherst) to see pictures of Amherst students (Dorit Song ’19 and Luz Lim ’20) acing some of the moves above. 

Special sneak peek: 

Also, to pitch our talented Yoga Club on campus… 

They welcome students with all levels of experience. Bring your yoga mat to or borrow one of theirs at the weekly sessions: 


Monday with Nadya 4:30-5:45 pm POWERHOUSE

Tuesday with Kendra 5:30-6:45 pm POWERHOUSE

Wednesday with Molly 5:30-6:45 pm GREENWAY D Fitness Studio

Thursday with Jacoby 5:30-6:45 pm GREENWAY D Fitness Studio

Sunday with Martin 2:00-3:15 pm GREENWAY D Fitness Studio

Bonnie is a sophomore at Amherst College. Even though she studies statistics, she is interested in technology, pediatric medicine, dentistry, education, and public health.  She spends most of her day trying out new things, like eating an ice cream cone while biking or looking for ways to climb onto campus building roofs. "All over the place" would be the best way to describe her. 
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