To Do List: Mid-Semester Edition Part II

  1. Go through internships in Quest.

  2. Start gathering necessary materials and references, and apply for internships.

    If you ask with a cutsy face, maybe your profs or referrals would be more inclined to give more attention to your reference letter in their busy-ness. And if you ask them earlier--BONUS!

  3. Get your resume approved for Quest internships and opportunities.

    Your looks may get you by with a number of things but not to those awesome resources and internships (some easy apply) in Quest! Quest is an Amherst College platform of jobs, opportunities, and internships offered by the college and other organizations.  Because the college promotes them, you know that the offers are legit, and there are paid and unpaid opps. To apply for any of them, however, you have to get a printed resume approved by the Career Center or a peer advisor. Visit the Career Center for more info, or visit this page. Just do it ASAP!

  4. Start looking at and applying for interterm, spring, and summer research and internship funding, including for abroad programs!

    Why wait and compete when you can get in early, and have the best chances now?

  5. Do your Christmas Shopping and "Need now" Shopping.

    All these sales, and you're letting them pass you by. Get your Christmas shopping done, while you're procrastinating, or buy those things you really need, or treat yourself on a discount while you can! Make your procrastination productive! Even after Black Friday, deals are lingering and going strong!