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Tik Tok Accounts That Have Single-Handedly Boosted My Serotonin Levels

Tik Tok has taken over the social media space within the past year. Gaining in popularity over the course of the pandemic, Tik Tok has developed into one of the most diverse content applications. There are literally thousands of feeds of the app. My own roommates and I exist on completely opposite ends of the spectrum; I exist primarily on booktok/marvel fan accounts with a small amount of what is known as “straight” Tik Tok (aka dances) while my roommates stay on baked oats and puppet dramas (@sylvaniandrama). So it is safe to say that you can find whatever you are looking for without much effort or struggle. 

That being said, as the Tik Tok curator for Her Campus AU, I thought it would be fitting to impart my infinite Tik Tok wisdom and offer some of my recommendations for the best accounts on the app. Obviously, I did not cover every genre that can be found on the app, but these are some of my favorite content creators. Please feel free to check out these accounts and follow them because they are so amazing and create positive environments on an app that can sometimes turn negative.


Jeremy Scheck (@scheckeats) If Jeremy isn’t already all over your FYP, you need to check his account out! The recipes and the sass he provides to this platform deserve your follow!

Tiffy Cooks (@tiffycooks) Tiffy Cooks is by far my favorite cooking account on this app. She tries new challenges or trends every week for her videos and makes them simple to recreate at home. 

Tabitha Brown (@iamtabithabrown) Tabitha Brown not only creates some of the best vegan recipes I’ve ever seen, but her voice is so soothing that even if you don’t care about cooking videos, you could just sit and listen to her for hours.


annie (@anania00) Anania was one of the first accounts I followed on Tik Tok last year and I’ve never regretted it. His humor is unmatched and he also takes the time in-between comedy videos to address social justice issues on his account. 

Brittany Broski (@brittany_broski) The Kombucha Meme Girl is still on social media and thriving! Whether she is joking about your favorite celebrities or recreating old British tv scenes, Brittany always produces videos that have me on the floor laughing. 

Chris Klemens (@chrisklemens) I have no words for how much this man makes me laugh, truly. His ad-lib videos with his roommate Andrew are a must-watch!!

DC Based Content 

All three of these DC accounts are primarily for foodies in the area, I have no apologies to give, that is all. 

Alex (@alexrschroeder1) Alex’s account is the perfect mixture of DC restaurant and bar spotlights and comedy videos about living in DC, stimulus checks, and the high-speed rail system. 

Hypefoodies (@hypefoodies) Hypefoodies showcases some of the coolest restaurants in DC, that I probably wouldn’t have found without their help. 

dmvfoodie (@dmvfoodie) dmvfoodie’s entire account is filled with the most aesthetic-looking restaurants in the DMV area. The food looks amazing and many of the locations would be perfect for your next outing with friends or family!



-Lauren Wolfe (@laauren1) If you are interested in fashion or are curious about revamping your wardrobe for the season, Lauren is a smart follow. She tries different methods of making the clothes that you already have work with new trends and is always ready for a style alert. 

-Erin (@inthesejeans) Erin’s account is filled with fashion lover’s dream videos. With the Pinterest style that you continuously tag to your boards, her videos help you style your outfits and explore different shops that you might not have seen before. 

-Luna Montana (@lunamontana) Luna single-handedly pulls off more styles than I think I have ever seen from one person. Luna, along with the two other girls I have mentioned are truly what I wish my fashion sense looked like and are great inspirations if you are thinking about changing your own up. 


Workouts/Physical Wellness 

Elena Stavinoha (@elenachristine_s) Elena’s account has some of the best workout videos I’ve seen on the app. From beginner levels to advanced there is truly something for everyone on her account. 

Nomi Active (@bailey.nomi) Bailey is a certified yoga/barre instructor and has amazing videos for different types of workouts. She also makes videos about stretches for different parts of the body (including those that will help you twerk better).

Olivia Victoria (@livvboldly) Not only does Olivia provide amazing at-home workouts for those of us attempting to maintain our sanity during the pandemic, but she also has numerous videos telling her followers where to buy the best athletic wear according to their types of workouts.

Obviously, these are just some of my favorites accounts on Tik Tok, but there are millions more to explore according to your individual interests and hobbies. Tik Tok’s algorithm truly one of the best out there on social media platforms because it is curating specific feeds with your own favorite creators. However, I would still highly recommend anyone from this listicle because they each have their own flair and create fun and entertaining videos that will immediately boost your serotonin levels!

Rebecca Cichock

American '22

Currently a student at American University, Rebecca is majoring in International Studies (and hopefully Arabic if the credits will allow it) along with being a member of the Global Scholars program. She is interested in foreign policy, human rights, finding new museums to tour, and tik-tok. You can find her at The Bridge devouring a bagel or bothering her fellow Her Campus writer Emma Semaan.
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