Sarah Cronin '18

Name: Sarah Cronin

Grade: Sophomore

Major: Public Relations 

Hometown: San Rafael, California

Favorite song at the moment: Right now it’s probably "House Party" by Sam Hunt

What was your favorite childhood show: Dragon Tales! I looked forward to watching it all day long.

Do you have any pets: Yes! I have three dogs, two cats, two bearded dragons and two desert tortoises. The most we had at one time was 16. My mom loves animals, so we’ve always had a lot of pets.

Favorite place you’ve traveled: Nicaragua! Everyone I met was so friendly and it was a really cool experience seeing the country. I’d love to go back sometime soon.

Describe your ideal Saturday: If I was back home my ideal Saturday would be going for a drive around the Bay Area with my friends listening to music. Then go to San Francisco to get hot chocolate at Ghirardelli Square and get lunch at my favorite pizza place, Gaspare’s, and then go to a Giant's game and get a crab roll for dinner while I’m there!

What is your favorite type of food: Barbeque, hands-down

What is your dream car: A blue Tesla Model S! 

Coffee or teaTea all the way

You love Sweetgreen, so what is your go-to saladA harvest bowl with extra sweet potatoes and extra almonds! I can’t live without it.

What is your favorite movie genre: Comedy!

Would you rather cook or bake: I like cooking better just because it’s more active. I always get really impatient when I’m baking because I always get bored waiting for something to come out of the oven.

Do you have a favorite comedian: My sister and I love watching stand-up together all the time, so it’s hard to pick a favorite! It’s probably a tie between Jim Gaffigan and Tom Segura.