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The Importance of Personal Style

The fashion world is a fast-paced and constantly-changing sphere. Certain styles start trending almost as quickly as they become old news. Following trends can be fun and exciting, but it can also be an expensive hobby. The fashion industry thrives off of telling people what’s in style and what isn’t; that’s part of the business. But just because having fluffy nails is in style, doesn’t mean you have to conform. There’s a common misconception that ‘fashion’ and ‘style’ are the same when they’re actually two different things. Fashion, by definition, is a popular trend while style is what makes you unique. Your style is more than the clothing that you wear. It’s the way you carry yourself, and the way that you live your life. Caring about your clothing and your aesthetic can been seen as superficial and a waste of time. However, personal style is a form of self-expression that is just as self-expressive as drawing and painting, maybe even more so.


Your style is a constant and public representation of you, which is what makes having your own personal style so much fun! Your outgoing and energetic personality could be expressed through bright colors or statement pieces; while a minimalist may wear neutral colors and carry very little with them. You are in control of what you want to display and what you want to mask. The way that you present yourself to the world has a large impact on you and those around you.


Look Good, Feel Good

Have you ever bought a new outfit, gotten a haircut, or even just did your eyeliner so well that you get a boost of self-confidence? When you feel comfortable in the look you’ve created for yourself you become your most confident self. Once you’re confident about yourself, you’re able to focus better on other things in your life such as work and school.

Developing your own personal style is well worth the effort. Although it may take some time and experimenting to figure out what your style is, once you find it it could last you a lifetime.

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I'm a freshman at American University (Class of 2020) currently studying International Relations and Arabic. I love clothing, cats, and photography; I also throw knives as a hobby. 
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