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April Horoscopes

The cherry blossoms are causing endless allergies, people are throwing footballs on the quad — April is here, and so is your fate. See what the stars (doodled in the margins of my justice and law homework) hold for you!

Capricorn: Your stars, right now, do not spell “study break.” As much as that sucks, at least it’s iced latte weather, and you can read on the quad! March was the time to break free and get powerful, and now is the time to channel that power. Catch it, direct it. Don’t think too hard, but study harder. You may find yourself telling stories all night, pacing around with ideas, not sure of where you’re going. You don’t need to be sure. Just stay focused, caffeinated, and ready for this final stretch.

Aquarius: The pace of this month might feel swamp-like to you. Full of alligators and murky waters and rope swings. Things will move slowly, you may feel lost, you may feel a new sense of wonder, you may feel like you are about to disappear around the corner of a great adventure. You know how there are those nights when you have to write a paper but spend hours on Tumblr, planning a grand tour of New York City, instead? That time may be soon. Your parents and friends might tell you to get your head out of the clouds, but now is the time to disobey. Hold on to the mystery a little longer. Let it solve you first.

Pisces: A friend or relative may be confusing you these days. They are acting strange, they are drifting in and out of focus, they are smiling at danger. Now might be a good time to give in to Netflix and watch Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, who, at one point, tells the cute Manhattan math tutor, “Oh, I’m very normal. I’ve had everything normal happen to me.” Don’t worry if you can’t see the reason for your friend’s confidence or wilderness. It will be clear soon enough.

Aries: Now is the time to get outside. Lose yourself in the reflecting pool, go take a walk by the White House. There are plenty of great study spots to visit in D.C. and around AU (and they’re even outside! Not to mention the quad, but does that count?) There are little shreds of life springing up all around you. Little bugs crawling up and down the window, fireflies starting to stir, ready for summer. April is a nice, warm, lightweight month, so make the most of it and enjoy the questionable D.C. weather. 

Taurus: This summer, the X-Files is filming again. Good things are coming back to life. For you too, not just FBI-loving alien fans — this month is a month of old favorites returning to the screen. It’s important to go out into the world and see new things, but it’s OK to love the old ones too. Welcome them — whatever they are — back into your life, and celebrate the return of warm weather, old friends, iced coffee, that special metallic-shade of nail polish.

Gemini: April is going to give you a lot of easy solutions. A lot of one-way tickets to the rest of your life. You’re lucky, Gemini! Seal the envelopes, sign the lines, check out five books on one fascinating new subject, even if it means more all-nighters than initially planned. Of course, there’s no need to sign your life away too soon, even if it is true love — for a career, a mysterious friend, or a new country. The easiest and most beautiful option could be right in front of you, but it is still good to scan the horizon before you settle in.

Cancer: “Almost” is your word this month. It sounds kind of like almond, and it’s just as sweet and easy to let go of. So enjoy the wait. Something good is almost here. Just around the corner. Sneaking up on you! But not in a creepy way. More like a cat arching its back around a corner. You’re almost done with school, almost ready to store your winter coat, almost on the doorstep of a bold new adventure. Have fun while you’re still bored — you’re almost done with boredom, and once it’s gone, it’ll stay away for a while. Just be patient, Cancer. Summer is almost here.

Leo: You’re gonna face a few mysteries this month. The best thing to do is learn to sit with them quietly and smile, like a bunch of superficial junior high friends. Solve what you can solve, accept what refuses to reveal itself. Don’t turn to the wrong people for answers. Let your heroes continue their missions, let your friends continue to scrub the lipstick off their silverware. Take the advice of poet Katie Peterson: “Don’t ask something with a lifespan how to change your life. Ask something you can’t believe ever lived.”

Virgo: In Washington, D.C., as of this very minute, Mars is no longer the planet of war, but love, and it is shining for you. Take the opportunity by storm — charming, polite storm. The cherry blossoms are in full bloom, the CVS sells Claritin for cheap enough prices, I can loan you lipgloss as needed (I even have one called “Tokyo” to keep with the cherry blossom theme!) Whatever it takes, Virgo, now is a good time for a romance. Maybe it’s just a date to a Japanese restaurant, maybe it’s the love of your life. Do we ever really know, for sure?

Libra: Sometimes April is a rough month. T.S. Eliot thought it was the cruelest. It’s the end of classes, the beginning of the hot summer, the broken air conditioners, the start of exams — but it can also be light and warm! If April turns and snarls, turn to your friends and the cats who sit outside your apartment with white feet and dazzling eyes, and turn to coffee, because according to the FBI Agent in Twin Peaks, fine black coffee can cure anything. Studying is important toward the end of the semester, but don’t forget to lay in the sun for a few hours, too!

Scorpio: It might be a good idea to keep a diary, Scorpio. Not because you need one — and trust me, they can get a little addictive — but that’s ok. It’s not a good idea, necessarily, but a fun one. You’re living a particularly frivolous and legendary part of your life right now — the late nights! The partying! The major life decisions! — and it will be cool to read about it all some day. But diaries are big commitments — try keeping one just for the month and see if you like it. 

Sagittarius: Exciting things in your future, Sagittarius. If I could reach through the screen and high-five you, I would! Use your gun emojis sparingly, bask in the nuclear glow of your accomplishments. You have the right to disappear at any moment, but why do it if you don’t have to? Leave evidence that you’ve been here. Sign your name on a wall at work, befriend a small animal, plan your great stay instead of your escape. Say strange things and refuse to clarify them.

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Molly McGinnis is a sophomore at American University. She moved to Washington, D.C. to study it, and that's been going well. In the past, Molly has worked for Enterteenment, The Adroit Journal, and AmLit. She believes in political fiction, silver eyeliner, and people with unsettling backstories.
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