#5 Ways to Improve Midterm Season


Midterm season is unfortunately upon us, and while it may seem never-ending now, there are few things you can do to make the suffering less extreme.

1. Make study groups

Studying is always more fun with a friend... or two... or 10! Get people in your class together to talk about the material. They’ll add other angles to the topics that you hadn’t thought about, and it makes for a few hours that you won’t spend going crazy in the library alone. You can even kill two birds with one stone and do it over dinner, so even if you get a little chatty, it’ll still feel like you’re being productive!

2. Take breaks

Even when you have three papers due in one day, it’s super important to give your brain a breather. Watch a 20-minute Netflix episode (but ONLY one!) or go get coffee. Taking a walk is a great refresher now that it’s finally feeling a little like fall! Even if your mind is screaming at you that yes, you really do need to sit and work for five hours straight, be sure to treat yourself to a little rest, and you’ll end up being more productive and rejuvenated.

3. Study in a new place

While you may have that one corner in the library that has become your home in the past few weeks, a change of scenery could really be what you need to get out of your midterm funk. Try studying in a building you don’t usually go to, or study at a local coffee shop if you really need to get off campus.

4. Sleep

No, seriously--as much as it seems like pulling all-nighters is completely necessary, you’ll regret it the next day... and the next... and every day until you can actually sleep again. During midterms, especially, it’s important to get a good night’s sleep so your mind can rest and condense the material you’ve studied. Sleep should always be a priority, even during midterm season.

5. Plan something fun for when this is all over

Plan a fun weekend activity for when midterm season is over, and you can actually breathe again. Do some fall activities like going apple picking, or even just gather a group of friends together and go out to a nice dinner! By having something to look forward to, midterms won’t seem so bad.

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