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Selfcare tips in the “adulting” process

Have you ever found yourself trying to juggle more than one task at a time? Felt like you are drowning in a cup of water trying to balance your studies, work, social life, diet and exercise routines? Congratulations! Welcome to the adulting phase! Adulting is the practice of behaving in a way characteristic of a responsible adult, especially the accomplishment of mundane but necessary tasks. Entering the adulting phase can be very stressful, having to juggle more than one responsibility at a time. We all need time for ourselves to be able to destress and simply relax. Gratefully, there are tricks and tips to be able to do exactly that and not feel guilty for taking time for yourself.  


Being able to organize yourself is one of the MOST IMPORTANT qualities you will need, without it one may feel overwhelmed with all the tasks needed to be done. A good way of organizing is making lists of what you are planning on doing during the day. You can make a list of simple tasks that need to be done such as: grocery shop, clean the dishes, fold clothes and cook or much bigger tasks such as: go to work, get started with a school project and go to a doctor’s appointment. Having lists will help you to keep up with all the tasks that need to be done and will serve you as a reminder.  


Wanting to exceed your limits can be good at times, but can also be a very stressful. Knowing your limits is a huge perk. One should not overwork themselves to the point of causing physical or mental pain. Work or study as much as you can but do not overwork yourself. When one is overworked even though they are amplifying the speed of their work the quality of it may be affected. It is better to do things properly rather than quickly just to try and do more than needed. Figure out what are your limits and try to work with them in your favor.  


Find time for yourself. Never allow your responsibilities to intervein with what you love doing or what allows you to feel peace and relaxed. Always take time for yourself to do what you love doing. Keep a healthy balance between your responsibilities and hobbies. Watch your favorite series, go to the beach, go to the movies and hang out with your loved ones. Never allow your life to get busy to the point you cannot enjoy it. 

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I am psychology student, I attend Albizu University. Enjoy the small things in life and chase your dreams always is my motto.
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