My Top 5 Websites for Mindful Inspiration

There has been a lot of talk lately about the perils of too much electronic and online-based stimuli. Today, I’ll be the devil’s advocate and shine light on the fact that online-based spaces (websites & social media sites) are often more accessible for students both economically and time-wise.

I’ve selected five websites (connected to social media profiles) that provide quick support for when you can’t get to (or afford) yoga classes, when you want to integrate mindfulness into your life but don’t know how to, or when you need a little extra inspiration to keep you going during midterms.

In our fast-moving world, we need spaces that can help us ground. These online spaces can do just that. What follows, is a carefully curated list of online pieces of heaven where I feel supported and challenged in beautiful ways:

  1. One-O-Eight: If you have not heard about Rachel Brathen by now, do yourself a favor and go follow her on Instagram. Rachel is an authentic, badass yogini based in Aruba who speaks her mind and breaks all known paradigms of what a yogini “should” do, eat, practice, and say. She founded One-O-Eight, an amazing global online community and yoga studio that not only provides yoga classes for every body, level, and speed, but also offers nutrition tips and guided meditations. All for just $14 a month, which is less than what a normal yoga class cost. Obviously, practicing yoga with a live teacher is ideal but when you can’t afford it or can’t seem to make it work with your schedule, this studio is always open!
  2. Mindbodygreen: This is a FREE online platform that is part magazine (with amazing content) and part educator (with awesome courses & trainings) that is down with ALL things wellness. It is my favorite for when I want to stay current with events that matter to me and to to stay inspired.
  3. Ease to Wellness: A new feel-good lifestyle website created by Miami-based, Puerto Rican-born health psychologist, Francesca Vazquez. I love how ETW delivers sunshine to my inbox every week with their newsletter full of healthy living tips and inspo.
  4. Mystic Mamma: My go-to website (and Instagram account) for lovely messages from the cosmos. Mystic Mamma helps me stay in touch with the universe by reminding me (and explaining) the astrological events taking place that might affect my physical, emotional, metal, and spirit bodies.
  5. Puerto Rico Loves Yoga: A local favorite, #puertoricolovesyoga is a Puerto Rican-based digital community that strives to highlight the people and places spreading health and wellness all across the island. From yoga teachers and studios to chiropractors and massage therapists, the website features a super cool directory that will make finding the perfect wellness heaven for you as easy as doing mountain pose!

This is not to say that you should stay in the online world and never seek mindful experiences outside of it – on the contrary, these five online spaces give you practical tools, inspiration, and motivation to seek mindful experiences wherever you are. They seek to inform and empower you. I do hope you find some comfort and ease in these online spaces and that you get your wellness on as soon as possible!