What the Perfect Self-Care Day Looks Like Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Running out of ideas on how to whine down and relax? Mental health and self care days are especially important for the times we are living in. Intentionally planning to do things that you know you love can make all the difference in your week. Here are some self care ideas specifically for your zodiac sign. 


Aries are ambitious and competitive, always having no problem going after what they want. Plan to play a game of your favorite sport or another activity with a few friends, anything that will show off your skills. 


You're a grounded and reliable homebody who values materialistic things and loves food. The perfect self-care day for you includes going on a quick shopping spree, ordering your favorite takeout, and watching your favorite movie.


Geminis are social butterflies and natural flirts. You love a night out with friends, so plan for you and your girl gang to hit up your favorite spot in town and dance the night away. 


One of the most emotional and sympathetic signs, you thrive on having a happy home life and seeing those around you happy. For your self-care day, plan to sit down and have a meal at home with your best friends, family, or an old friend. 


You're naturally confident and love to be the center of attention. A spa day would be the perfect activity to wind down. Plan to have a spa day at home or treat yourself to a professional treatment at a spa.


As a Virgo, you're hardworking and value cleanliness and organization. Spend a self-care day by visiting an animal shelter, doing a DIY craft for your space, or cooking a new healthy dish.


You're easy going and get along with almost everyone. You value balance and enjoy any social situation. Treat yourself by grabbing a close friend and going to a fancy restaurant, museum, or a music show. 


You are passionate and a wonderful friend to have, always telling people how it is. Try a kickboxing class, like 9Round.


The perfect self-care day for this sign includes anything spontaneous and unplanned. You value your freedom and enjoy change, hating the feeling of being stuck or bound in a situation. Grab your friends and go for a spontaneous road trip to a beach, hiking trail, or amusement park.


You're seen as very responsible and may be considered the "mother" friend of your friend group. Always reliable and practical, spend a self care day doing something that you know you love. 


You may be considered an "old soul." You enjoy helping others and always stick up for what you believe in. Spend a self-care day by volunteering in your community or helping a friend. 


Pisces are emotional and artistic. Spend the day journaling, discovering new songs, or learning to play a new instrument to tap into your creative side.


Give youself a much needed break and enjoy any of these fun activities!