The Overthinker

Have you ever caught yourself in a place where you had more thoughts than you could handle? How is it that one brain can hold 50,000-70,000 thoughts? Sometimes, life hits and you are stuck in a place where you overthink every little detail. Those thoughts could be about your future, your health, or your relationships with others. Is there really a way to get our thoughts back?


I was on YouTube and I was watching a few inspirational videos the other day. I happened to come across this one channel where the guy was talking about getting rid of negative thoughts. He said something that stuck with me! He said that you really cannot get away from negative thoughts, but you can control how much energy you give to it. The more you try to fight off your negative thoughts, the more you actually fuel them. Have you ever caught yourself constantly going back to a thought you assumed you got rid of?


We have to learn to live in the moment and practice mindfulness. Once we understand that we are at this moment, we can learn how to grasp our anxiousness. So the next time you catch yourself overthinking, try looking at your surroundings. Realize that you are here and this is now, you are in this current moment. Also, ask yourself “is the thought that is trying to ruin you useful?”